How To Apply for Online Personal Loan from Bank Alfalah

How To Apply for Online Personal Loan from Bank Alfalah

How To Apply for Online Personal Loan from Bank Alfalah

Are you looking to know about the Bank Alfalah Online personal loan? If yes, you have come to the right place. We guide you through every step in this article. We assure you after reading this article you do not need any more content related to Bank Alfalah Personal loan.

In this article, we tell you how to apply for an online Bank Alfalah personal loan. What you must do or what documents you must have to get for the loan? We will tell you all the necessary information about it in this article. If you are interested in it, we ask you to read this article.

History About Bank Alfalah 

Bank Alfalah is a Pakistan large and best customer care Bank in Pakistan. With a network of 800+ branches across more than 200 cities in the country, and an international presence in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bahrain, and the UAE.

How To Apply for Online Personal Loan from Bank Alfalah

You must be between 21 years to 60 years of age to get a loan from Bank AlFalah and you must also be a citizen of Pakistan.

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You must be recognised in Pakistan by the citizens and now it is also necessary to get a job in Pakistan, only then you will be able to get a loan.

Step by step

These statuses which we have mentioned below are very valuable for you, you must read them, only after reading them you will know how you can apply online.

  1. We show you the below picture. This photo is taken from the official website of Bank Al-Falah. According to this photo, first of all, you have to select CNIC. After doing this you have to write a number.
  • Then you have to select that you have an account in any branch of Bank Al Falah, then you have to do this, then you have to upload the front and back picture of your ID card, and you also have to write your email below. and then add your phone number and click on it.

How To Apply for Online Personal Loan from Bank Alfalah

  • At this step, you want to write basic information about yourself. What is your name? Where do you live? many more about you.
  • There are all the steps next to it, they will get information about you, where you work, what is your monthly salary, how many loans you want to apply for, and about you. There will be information they will get from you now.

How much personal loan can we take from Bank Alfalah?

You can get a personal loan from the bank from 50 thousand rupees to 3 million rupees, it depends on how much is your monthly salary and the requirements specified by them.

What is the Eligibility Criteria bank Alfalah personal loan?

If you want to get a loan from bank Alfalah, below are the points from which you must have these things, only then can you get a bank loan.

  • All Pakistani nationals/Foreign nationals with a company letter of comfort (Approved companies)
  • Salaried Individuals, Self Employed Businessmen/Professionals, others (Landlords/ Housewives & Retired Individuals) with consistent rental income/foreign remittances
  • Age │min: 21 years & max: 60 years for Salaried │min: 21 years & max: 65 years for self-employed professionals and businessmen
  • Income | Salaried: Min. gross monthly salary of PKR. 30,000/-
  • Self-Employed Professionals: Min. monthly average balance of PKR. 50,000/-
  • Self-Employed Businessman: Min. monthly average balance of PKR. 100,000/-
  • Minimum 12-month bureau history for BTF/BTF with the top up

Last Conclusion

We hope you better understand how you can apply for Bank Alfalah’s personal loan. Thanks a lot for reading this article.



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