Sustainable Travel Companies

Sustainable Travel Companies
Sustainable Travel Companies

Several sustainable travel companies were gaining popularity and recognition for their efforts in promoting eco-friendly and responsible tourism practices. Please note that the landscape of sustainable travel companies may have evolved since then, but here are some notable ones that were actively involved in sustainable travel initiatives:

1. Intrepid Travel

Intrepid is a tour operator known for its commitment to responsible travel. They focus on small-group adventures that have a positive impact on local communities and minimize environmental footprints.

2. G Adventures

G Adventures offers small-group tours to various destinations around the world, emphasizing community-based tourism and sustainable travel practices.

3. EcoHotels

EcoHotels is a collection of environmentally-friendly hotels and accommodations that promote sustainable practices, such as energy efficiency, waste reduction, and support for local communities.

4. Kind Traveler

Kind Traveler is a unique platform that allows travelers to book hotels while simultaneously supporting local and global charities. It encourages travelers to make a positive impact on the destinations they visit.

5. Wilderness Safaris

This company specializes in eco-friendly safari experiences in Africa. They are committed to conservation and community empowerment in the regions they operate.

6. Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel is a travel agency that curates responsible and sustainable tours worldwide, promoting ethical wildlife experiences and supporting local communities.

7. Elevate Destinations

Elevate Destinations offers sustainable luxury travel experiences, focusing on eco-friendly accommodations and responsible tourism practices.

8. AndBeyond

AndBeyond provides high-end safari experiences with a strong commitment to conservation and community development.

9. Adventure Alternative

This tour operator offers responsible and sustainable adventures in various destinations, promoting low-impact travel and supporting local economies.

10. Atlas Obscura

While not exclusively a sustainable travel company, Atlas Obscura curates unique and off-the-beaten-path experiences, often supporting local communities and highlighting lesser-known environmental initiatives.

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Remember that the landscape of sustainable travel companies can change rapidly, so I recommend checking for the latest updates and reviews to ensure their continued commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism practices. Always look for companies that are transparent about their efforts and have credible certifications or affiliations with recognized sustainable tourism organizations.

11. Local Alike

Local Alike is a social enterprise that connects travelers with authentic and responsible community-based tourism experiences in various countries, supporting local livelihoods and preserving cultural heritage.

12. The Long Run

The Long Run is a global community of nature-based tourism businesses committed to conserving biodiversity, supporting local communities, and promoting sustainable practices.

13. Sustainable Travel International

This organization works with travel companies, destinations, and travelers to implement sustainable practices and promote responsible travel worldwide.

14. MyClimate

MyClimate offers carbon offsetting services for travelers and organizations, helping to reduce the carbon footprint associated with travel.

15. Papaya Playa Project

This eco-hotel in Mexico focuses on sustainability, ecological preservation, and creating unique, nature-oriented experiences for guests.

16. Lodging with a Mission

This website curates accommodations with a strong commitment to sustainable practices, making it easier for travelers to find eco-friendly lodging options.

17. Bamboo Eco-tours

Bamboo Eco-tours offers sustainable and responsible travel experiences in Asia, supporting local communities and minimizing negative environmental impacts.

18. El Silencio Lodge & Spa

Located in Costa Rica, El Silencio Lodge & Spa is committed to sustainability, conservation, and offering guests a luxurious eco-friendly experience.

19. SEE Turtles

SEE Turtles is a non-profit organization that promotes conservation through sustainable travel experiences focused on sea turtles and marine ecosystems.

20. Biohotel

Biohotel is a collection of eco-friendly hotels in Europe, dedicated to sustainable practices and providing guests with organic and locally sourced food.

21. Ecoventura

Ecoventura specializes in sustainable cruises to the Galapagos Islands, with a strong commitment to conservation and minimizing the impact on this delicate ecosystem.

22. Soneva Resorts

Soneva operates luxury eco-resorts in the Maldives and Thailand, focusing on sustainability, community engagement, and conservation.

23. Basecamp Explorer

Basecamp Explorer offers sustainable safari experiences in East Africa, with a focus on community development and wildlife conservation.

24. Biosphere Expeditions

This organization combines scientific research with ecotourism, allowing travelers to participate in conservation projects around the world.

25. Ecolodges Indonesia

Ecolodges Indonesia offers eco-friendly accommodations and tours in Indonesia, supporting local communities and protecting the environment.

These companies represent just a small fraction of the many sustainable travel initiatives and businesses that were operating as of September 2021. When seeking sustainable travel experiences, be sure to research the companies thoroughly, read reviews from other travelers, and look for certifications or affiliations with recognized sustainable tourism organizations to ensure that your travel choices align with your environmental and ethical values.

26. Adventure Green Alaska

Adventure Green Alaska is a certification program that recognizes and promotes sustainable tourism businesses in Alaska, USA.

27. Costa Rica Sun Tours

This tour operator in Costa Rica offers sustainable and responsible travel experiences that support conservation efforts and local communities.

28. Fjällräven

Fjällräven, a Swedish outdoor clothing and equipment brand, actively promotes responsible travel and environmental conservation.

29. The International Ecotourism Society (TIES)

TIES is a global non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism practices and education.

30. Biosphere Responsible Tourism

This certification program identifies and promotes sustainable tourism businesses worldwide, encouraging responsible practices.

31. KE Adventure Travel

KE Adventure Travel offers sustainable adventure holidays, emphasizing low-impact travel and supporting local communities.

32. Eco Hotels of the World

This organization curates a selection of eco-friendly hotels and accommodations worldwide, encouraging sustainable travel choices.

33. Responsible Traveler

Responsible Traveler is a platform that offers information, tips, and resources for travelers looking to make responsible and sustainable choices.

34. The Long Beach

The Long Beach resort in Mauritius is dedicated to environmental sustainability, promoting responsible practices in the hospitality industry.

35. Sustainable Travel Japan

This website provides information on sustainable travel options in Japan, promoting eco-friendly experiences and accommodations.

36. Tierra Hotels

Tierra Hotels in Chile strive to create exceptional travel experiences while preserving and promoting the unique cultural and natural heritage of the region.

37. Earth Changers

Earth Changers curates sustainable and transformative travel experiences, supporting ethical businesses and community initiatives.

38. Mashpi Lodge

Located in Ecuador’s cloud forest, Mashpi Lodge focuses on sustainability and conservation while offering guests a luxurious eco-retreat.

39. Green Key Global

Green Key Global is a certification program that recognizes sustainable practices in the hospitality industry, including hotels and resorts.

40. Lapa Rios Lodge

Lapa Rios Lodge in Costa Rica is committed to conservation, community engagement, and providing travelers with an immersive rainforest experience.


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