Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps For Andriod in 2023

Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps For Andriod in 2023

Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps For Andriod in 2023

Hello guys, if you are a social media creator, and video editor. Are you looking to know the best free video editing apps? You are at the right place.

In this article, we are sharing with you the 10 best video editing apps and introducing the basic features of these apps. You are a newbie on this side, we recommend you must read this.

We assure you that after reading this article you completely know about editing apps. This is a man part of any social media work. Let’s start to know.

How do we edit the best video?

Video editing is the main part of your ant social media marketing. We are guiding you with pro-level tips. First, you are shooting your video using your mobile. Make a final video structure in your mind, select your video and divide this into parts.

Confirm how many parts we remove in this video, use an energy level part and show the high-level energy in your video. This automatically makes your video perfect.

10 best video editing apps for mobile

If you are searching what is the best video editing app. We are giving you 10 apps, you are using any app by checking your video template. Video editing apps are below here.

1 – Kine Master

Kine Master is a very old video editor for mobile. You are editing any type of video in this app. Video editing in this app is very easy. Create 2 layer video, and add background features in this app. They provide you with 2 types of versions premium or free.

You are editing your video in this app free of cost, but if you try to add some premium templates to your video then you must buy its premium version.


  • Free video editing.
  • Change your video background.
  • Add and delete video background music or voice.
  • Use multiple cuts in your video.
  • Edit double-layer video.

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2 – Cap Cut

Cap cut is a today viral video editor. If you are making videos in a tik tok, then we recommend you this app. They lunch every day new template for your next-level video editing. This app is very easy and simple mostly tiktoker use this app. You edit your video in this app at is next level.


  • Remove your video background.
  • Edit video sound.
  • Use 500 plus templates free of cost.
  • Make any size video.

3 – In Shot

In Shot best video editing app for the social media creator, edit short videos in this app. Edit a movie-type video in this. They provide the best color grading option.


  • Edit video for the youtube’
  • Cut and mix your video.
  • Best in video mixing.

They are providing this app PC version. This reason is for editing a movie using it. Any editor who edits high-level video must check this premium plan.

4 – Power Director

We use power director for the last 2 years for making my provisional video. They provide you with advance level options for making your video. You can also create any kind of video using this application and you can give any size to your video.

More than 100 million downloads on Play Store and 1.5 million people are given a 5-star rating this on the play store.


  • Create an animation video.
  • Change your video background.
  • Colour grate now.
  • Change and edit music to our video.

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5 – Filmora Go

Filmora Go can use on your mobile but if you do video editing on your computer then you can also use it on your computer. An excellent type of video can be made using it on the computer.

Filmora go is available in 2 versions. The first is a premium version, second is a free version. If you are making an upload special video then must use this premium version.


  • Edit your long video.
  • Best for movie making.
  • Use multipul tamplates.
  • All basic to advance in this.

6 – Adobe Premium Ruch

If you use ios and Android must use this adobe premium Ruch app. Most peoples use this app for the simple interface. You are editing your video at an advanced level.


  • Best for the andriod.
  • Use a multi-color in your video.
  • Edit your short clip video.
  • Upload directly to your social media.

7 – Action Director

Action director is best for your action and outdoor videos. Edit your short clip videos in this app. Its created by Cyberlink. They provide you 4K video export option.


  • 4K video support.
  • Video stabilization option.
  • 360-angle video.

8 – Viva Editor

Viva is a basic video editing app, are you new to video editing, you can learn how to do video editing using it and then you can also find the version of any professional application and edit your best video.


  • Basic video editing.
  • Remove the video background.
  • Any angle video support.
  • High-quality export.

9 – VN Video Editor

Vn video editor is a popular app in the video editing category. This app interface is very easy and free of cost. You are editing your professional-level video in this app free of cost.


  • Content creation.
  • Easy to use.
  • Available for the ios and android.
  • Colour in your video.

10 – Alight Motion

Alight motion is my favorite video editor. You are using the favorite shake option in this app. You see some video editors use shake in their videos, they use this. The shaking effect gives a very awesome look to your video.


  • Shake effect option.
  • 4K support.
  • Create a 360-angle video.
  • Change the video background.
  • Free of cost.
Frequently asks questions
Which video editing app for free?

Some apps give you a limited-time free trial. But the totally free app is available. You are using alight motion. Cap cut for the video editing.

What is the best app for the youtube video?

I use this app for my videos, app name is cap cut. If you are new must try this free-of-cost app. They provide you with level advanced features for free.

Final World

At the end of this article, we provide you with correct information about the 10 best video editing apps. You use this app and edit your videos.

Thanks a lot for reading this article. Hope you like this article, if you understand every point. Share this with your friends.


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